My good friend Lindsay Broad is constantly inspiring me with her endless weekend trips and memorable photos using just her iPhone and Instagram. Her photos take you on a journey from California to the Caribbean and beyond. Below is a great interview with Lindsay and how she started using Instagram as a tool to fuel her constant wanderlust.


How did you figure out how to start using instagram as a source to find weekend adventures?
It was somewhat of an organic process. I started to follow one local photographer I knew of through a friend and over time saw who she was out photographing with and started following those that had something interesting to say. There’s a close group of Instamgrammers all connected between SF and NY who have provided both artistic inspiration and insight into lesser known spots to explore in and around the cities. Geotags are also a good way to connect. In one case, I connected with someone who had found and liked a photo of mine while we were both down visiting Joshua Tree. Turns out he lives in SF also documents his local travels. I’ve found many destinations just by following his feed.

Who are your favorite instagrammers to follow?
brianflaherty, brycetron, chrisconnolly, janske, sgoralnick

What are some of your favorite photo editing apps other than instagram?
Snapseed, Squareready, FrontView, Afterglow

Do you have a favorite find of all the places you’ve gone using instagram?
Pierce Ranch out at the end of Point Reyes. I try to take all my out of town visitors out there despite the long journey and occasional fog. So far, no one has been disappointed.

Any great stories from any of your adventures?
While most weekend excursions have a destination in mind, some of my favorite times are the unplanned strolls. Two dear friends of mine in Brooklyn and Jersey City and I meet a few times a year and set out with our cameras to wander with little on the agenda other than frequent stops for caffeine. We  stumble upon unexpected art, food, design, stories and conversation. They are some of my favorite days and I’m always interested in how differently we choose to record the same experience through our photos.

What have you have discovered on your own that was a big hit on your instagram?
Some of the response has been surprising. One shot in particular that seem to draw a lot of attention was just a light fixture I shot in a meeting room in Toronto. The composition just appealed to a lot of people.

Do you have any favorite songs you like listening to while you road trip?
To places I’m sadly carless and am not usually in command of the playlist, but by foot lately I’ve been enjoying the new Album from Lord Huron, Lonesome Dreams.

What is your favorite photo you have taken where you found something you weren’t expecting to find?
A friend and I took a trip down to Fort Funston shortly after returning from visiting our families for Christmas. The lighting and temperature was pristine for January and each shot in the series I thought really captured the setting and the mood of the experience.


Are you feeling inspired yet? You can follow Lindsay’s Instagram account here for daily inspirational photography. If you already have an account full of memories, and you want to create a special gift for someone this Christmas, you can upload your Instagram photos onto Artifact Uprising, here, and create hardbound books, calendars, or custom wood keepsake boxes using all of your own photography. Have fun and go take an adventure!