Since attempting the ever trendy ombre, my naturally strong thick hair has turned to brittle straw. Over the past year and a half I have tried endless conditioning treatment recommendations that might be great for normal hair but did nothing for mine.

It wasn’t until I met a girl who had platinum bleach blonde hair that showed zero signs of damage (asshole), so I asked her what she was using and she educated me about Sachajuan products. She said she loves using the surf spray to give her pompadour a ton of awesome texture. I was extremely pleased to find out that Sephora sold the conditioning treatment I was looking for, so I went there the next day and bought a bottle…

Holy Shit.

Never in my life have I used a product that worked this well on the first try. The photos I took below are from just ONE use of this product. It actually felt like I had human hair again. I have naturally curly hair, and since its been so damaged lately I have been straightening it once a week to help with the extreme tangles and knots I have been getting.

While at Sephora I also learned about the Sultra flat iron that is specifically for dry color damaged hair. I had been using a standard Chi flat iron, but its pretty old and I figured these products probably go hand in hand, so I picked that up as well.

Now I know what you are thinking, why not just dye your hair dark, and cut all the ends off. Literally every time I go in for a cut, I chop all the ends off and the length stays at a plateau state of bore. So I have been letting it grow for the last few months and am due for my next cut end of the month.

I had also been using Clairol Shimmer Lights, a purple shampoo, to help with any brassy tones in my hair. This product normally works great, but for some reason this time around it made my hair more brassy… not sure what happened here, but whatever, it will be fixed end of the month.

I might do a review of products that didn’t work for me, but why waste my finger’s energy typing out the long list of mediocre products, when all you have to do is know how well Sachajuan works and stop your search for anything else.

Once all my other shampoos run out I plan on buying the full line of Sachajuan products, they are THAT amazing. I can’t wait.


Sachajuan Hair Repair
Sultra – The Seductress Flat Iron