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California native, Ashley Wilkins, is a San Francisco based interior designer and founder of Amorist Officiel. With the blogosphere growing daily, it still feels like there is a small hole, lacking deeper more personal insight into the fashion and beauty world.

“I follow a lot of blogs and it seems so many are missing two ingredients, trial and honesty. I don’t want to follow a blog that tells me to go out and buy the new Tom Ford cosmetics collection without seeing how it really works on real girls and hearing honest opinions on the products.”
- Ashley

After a failed search of finding that perfect blog that encompasses all her curiosities, Amorist was born, October 2012. We took the word Amorist, meaning; to write about what you love, as an opportunity to do just that.

The site focuses on providing the best most exclusive content on the web from fashion and lifestyle to beauty and art. A self-proclaimed guinea pig, Ashley will take you through her experiences to talk the dirty on what really works and what really doesn’t. Expect to see behind the scene features, launches, personal profiles and curated products to keep you on trend!

Fashion, beauty and art should inspire you. To get your daily dose add us to your bookmarks.

Fast Facts
  • Interior Designer, fashion lover, beauty aficionado
  • Located in San Francisco, California
  • Established October 2012
  • Pinterest snob
  • Cat whisperer


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